Thursday, June 1, 2017

my scatch


not the best

Going On A Plane

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We start to on the ATR 72-600 Air New Zealand on the flight down we hit a bit of ruff  air and we did not see it coming my seat belt was on that was the good thing. We were 30 minutes until landing and the pilot said “We are five minutes late”. I was not that mad and the plane was coming in when I saw the Airbus A380 emirates plane it was super big and powerful it was on the other runway so that was good and we landed in Christchurch.
The End

That was winter

Remember the time when you got smashed by the bigots and  tallest person on the other team  
Or when you go caved in mad on the winning try
And when you finally got the ball but then someone fang  you out
Remember the time when you smash the littlest person in there team and they started crying
And when the mud dried it turned into dirt